Refreshing tissues, mild antiseptic tissues, sigle use demake up tissues with long fibre paper or non woven towel packaged in sachets in wide variety of sizes, shapes, parfumes and also printed with logo of your choice!


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Refreshing Tissue

"Fish" shaped refreshing tissues

"Fish" shaped refreshing tissues

Refreshing tissues 6x12cm

Refreshing tissues 6x12cm (external...

Refreshing Tissues 7x11cm.

Refreshing Tissues 7x11cm (external...

Refreshing tissue 7x14cm.

Refreshing Tissues 7x14cm (external...

"Bottle" shaped refreshing tissue

"Bottle" shaped refreshing tissue

Refreshing tissues 6x8cm

Refreshing tissues 6x8cm (external...

Ellipse shaped refreshing tissues

Ellipse shaped refreshing tissues

Digital printed foil refreshing tissues

Digital printed foil refreshing tissues...

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